Small Business Imagination Creativity

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Small Business Imagination Creativity

Let Creativity & Imagination Grow Your Business

Albert Einstein is credited with saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

It’s possible to experience a whole world inside your mind using your imagination. Take a look at any situation from a different view and you will strengthen your creativity. Explore places you have never been, listen to sounds as if for the first time, all because of the magic of imagination.

Do you wonder what use imagination or creativity are to your employees. It’s a common question many small businesses ask themselves. Sure you don’t want an employee sitting around thinking about how to make the business grow while at the same time not doing their tasks. But like most small businesses you want your employees to be invested in their job and the product or service they are presenting to your clients.

Encouraging employees at all levels to think about how to do things better, about new products and services will create value for your business.You want your employees to have a stake in growth and successes and to this end I encourage you to implement ways they can manifest their imaginations and explore their creative sides.

No matter how great your ideas are or how little competition you have you will be challenged in your niche and your successful business model will be copied. New thinkers are constantly searching out for ways to create success and cannibalizing your ideas and methods is one way your competition can speed up their success and lower both the cost of entry into your field and the length of the industry learning curve.

No Matter If It’s Inside Or Outside The Box