Imagination used to achieve perfection

Website Design and Development..

Create a winning web presence for your brand based on AMCD’s creative web design and development.

Make creativity the difference.

Creative web design – Implement an AMCD creative website design so that your WordPress website and or E-commerce website will stand out from the crowd in the marketplace.

Make technology work for you.

As web traffic shifts towards mobile phone use, customers want to use their preferred social media and getting priority in search engines is a must. These factors and more will be addressed so your WordPress or E-commerce website will have maximum market impact.

AMCD provides a full range of effective and creative web design and development services backed by wide industry experience.

Our Process

Research your website project.

Research your website project together with AMCD . When we have established the basic web functions required we can move forward with the design. AMCD will also analyse competitive sites so you gain an edge in your marketplace.

Design and develop your website project.

Gather or build high resolution images, unique fonts, icons and animations tailored to your specific industry. After you approve the design AMCD’s website developers will bring your creative web design to life so you may review it.

Test your website.

Test and benchmark all major web browsers for speed, volume and security so your website can support a large increase in traffic without impacting customers.

Content Management System Websites

Make creativity personal.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), so you can personally manage the content within your site. Log into your site and manage your website pages, content, forums and store. This means that that they will always be fresh and creative, leading to engaged customers. Training will be provided by AMCD so support is always available.

AMCD is a WordPress expert.

AMCD’s WordPress solutions include WordPress website implementation and setup, WordPress website integration with existing websites, custom WordPress themes, plug-ins installation, template design and development and WordPress customisation. Everything to do with WordPress!

E-commerce Website

Give your customers convenience and speed with your online store, so moving your business into the growing online shopping market.

Make creativity personal.

Build your E-commerce solution so that it performs for your brand. Design your E-commerce website to increase qualified traffic and convert visitors into customers. Track sales and industry trends in real time so you can react immediately.

AMCD is a WooCommerce Expert.

Implement a WooCommerce E-commerce website because it is cost effective and easy to use. Meet all your business needs including sales reporting, inventory management, customer database, marketing campaigns and much more. WooCommerce with AMCD is the way to go!

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