Web Design Trends In 2017: What Should We Expect This Year?

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Web Design Trends In 2017: What Should We Expect This Year?

If you are still trying to figure out whether your website looks as great to your potential customers as it does to you, it is time to re-think about every single detail on it. Wondering why?
Well, let’s just say that the trends in web design are changing constantly. With a new set of design principles, geometry rules and content requirements every year, web design is being tailored to the average user more and more and seeking a fresh, modern look.

By keeping your website up-to-date with current design trends you can make your website look modern, responsive and pleasant to look at. This will attract more customers to your website and improve your business.

Some important trends in web design for 2017 are listed below:

Bold Typography

The average Internet user is getting tired of tons and tons of content. The only way to spark a light and get his eye is with bold typography. Thankfully, the Internet is full of nice, big and bold fonts that you can use everywhere on your website – from the sliders to the titles and even your contact box.

Simple And Vivid Visuals

You probably know that the average stock photos that many websites are packing nowadays aren’t cool anymore. If you want to be in nowadays, you have to have a website that offers an elevated experience of colors. Whether it’s a video or a simple photo, make sure that it aligns with the colors of your brand and your brand character in general.

Short And Concise Copy

They say that content is the king of the web space, and when it comes to actual text, it is definitely true. The best way to win over a customer is not only with visuals – it is with text that speaks to the customer’s needs. Customers are now looking for simple, concise and short texts that have the power to clearly inform them about your brand in a way that differentiates you from competitors.

Balance & Symmetry

Last but not the least – are balance and symmetry – as the focal points of every website nowadays. Whether you are testing out a modular design on your website, or just want to present everything you have to offer straight from the homepage, make sure to place everything strategically and in an aesthetically symmetrical and pleasant way.

These design principles and more are part of the design framework used by AMCD when designing and building a new website. They are also used by AMCD to refresh and re-invigorate an already established website to ensure that the website engages with potential customers in a meaningful and attractive way.