Web Hosting for SEO

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Web Hosting for SEO

Picking a high performance host site for your website will have positive affects on your search engine optimisation (SEO) giving you a better result in terms of search engine rankings and results when customers search for the products and services you sell. There may be many websites competing with yours for the attention of potential customers and by focusing on SEO you can dramatically improve your chances of success.

There are many factors that can help strengthen your website’s SEO.
They include on-page factors such as having unique, useful and compelling content which is easy to read; the selection of keywords which identify your products and link to your target customers; having page layouts that are clear and logical; and providing links to both internal and external related content.
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Other important SEO factors include linking your website to social media like Facebook and Twitter and the use of a SEO measurement tool like Google Analytics. Engaging with social media is a major way to improve your website’s SEO and your overall marketing success.

While the factors above are all important and will be addressed directly by AMCD in the development of your website, it is also important to consider some operational issues to do with how and where your website is hosted as they can affect your SEO results significantly, but are often overlooked.

Search engines such as Google or Bing give preference to websites that are hosted on servers that do not host hundreds or more individual websites sharing an IP address. AMCD manages this very closely to ensure that individual website numbers per server are very low, even when the client selects a shared service option.

SEO suffers when the speed of the website and it’s availability are poor. Search engines use “web crawlers” to monitor the internet and produce SEO rankings, so if your website is unavailable because of technical problems or takes too long to download web pages, then that poor performance will be reflected in your SEO rankings and results. AMCD guarantees and delivers high performance from it’s host servers to strengthen SEO and customer satisfaction.

When a potential customer searches for a product or service, search engines like Google or Bing recognise the location of the customer and give priority in the search results to websites that are in the customer’s location. The search engines identify website location by the location of the website’s host server, so if the server is overseas then the website will not be identified as serving the local market and will not be given any priority in a local search. For example, an Australian business that wishes to serve the Australian market for a product or service, may be disadvantaged if its’ website is hosted overseas. This problem is even more significant if the business is focusing on a local market such as Wollongong. AMCD removes this problem by hosting and managing client websites locally, so strengthening both performance and SEO.

By providing clients with a one-stop-shop for all website and SEO matters, including Hosting for SEO, AMCD can optimise not only SEO rankings and results but your overall marketing and business results.