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AMCD Web Hosting

High Performance Web Hosting.

Customers will receive fast, reliable and secure access to your AMCD hosted website because of AMCD’s reputation for great Wollongong web hosting, service and support, earned since 2010. AMCD Secure web hosting Wollongong, your trusted web hosting provider.

Wollongong Web Hosting and Support

Choosing AMCD for your Wollongong web hosting will support local industry. As a result your Wollongong based clients will experience super fast response times. AMCD’s office is located in Thirroul so when you for support you will talk to someone local. You will receive a potential boost in SEO rankings as a result of using a local hosting and support service.



$200/ year

  • Ideal for Small static web sites
  • 250MB disk space
  • 10GB monthly bandwidth


$400 / year

  • Ideal for WordPress(CMS) web sites
  • 1GB disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth


$580 / year

  • WordPress websites, updates and back-ups
  • 1GB disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth

Secure Web Hosting and Backup

Be confident that your website and data is secure with AMCD web hosting. Latest level software including sign on and password management, customer identification, firewall protection, network security, data integrity and data encryption are all in place. Monitoring of all activity on your website is ongoing so that all data and programs are secure.

Wollongong Web Hosting Wollongong Secure Web Hosting linux

Free Website Transfer

Migration of your website from another provider is provided free.

Free Setup

There is no charge for hosting setup.

Illawarra Based Supports

Our office is based in Thirroul, when you call our support you will be talking to someone close by.

To help with SEO , Local businesses should use providers that have their data centers local.

Does Web Hosting Affect Your SEO?

The answer is yes. Choosing the correct web host doesn’t guarantee you a rankings boost but it can help!

For a variety of reasons including page load time, server maintenance slots and being able to contact their support channel in the same time zone are a few reasons to consider when choosing a hosting company. AMCD Web Hosting Wollongong is the perfect choice for local Wollongong businesses.

Wollongong Web Hosting Wollongong Secure Web Hosting
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