Why a website is important for business

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Why a website is important for business

Growth of the internet

An internet website provides a business with an individual, customised and targeted presence in the rapidly-growing online world. This allows access to the business opportunities and potential customers that exist there.

In 2016 46% of the world’s population (3.5 billion people) had access to the internet. In Australia in the same year 85.1% of the population (20.7 million people) were regular users of the internet. The growth in the use of the internet by businesses has matched the rapid growth in internet use by consumers (www.InternetLiveStats.com). Online retailing in Australia in 2015/6 grew at 9%, over double that of store retailing.

There are many different ways in which a business can use its’ website and the internet to grow the business (show link to AMCD Web design and development). AMCD Web Design and Development will provide a process by which a realistic development plan for use of the internet will be developed with the client.

Without a customised website presence constantly communicating its’ brand message to target customers, a business will conservatively miss out on 50-60% of its’ marketing opportunities. Opportunities to run the business more effectively and at less cost will also be lost.

How can a website be used by a business?

While a business may decide to focus on one main activity of the business when first implementing a website (usually marketing and sales), there is no doubt that a website can positively affect every activity of a business, for the benefit of customers, suppliers, employees and the business itself. That is why a realistic and effective development plan for use of the internet and the business website is so important.

An important model of all businesses, small, medium and large, was built by Professor Michael Porter . It is called the Value Chain and shows all the primary and support activities required to be done well to provide a satisfactory margin of profit to the business.

value chain

The business website can be the foundation from which major benefits can be brought to all support and primary activities of the business. For example, in the customer service area communication with customers can be managed effectively to make the most of each customer contact. Marketing, sales, operations and logistics can be linked together effectively with an online store/logistics system based on the business website.

A business website is an essential part of a businesses infrastructure which will build a foundation for improvements in every activity of the business, leading to increased sales, reduced costs and overall business effectiveness.

AMCD will jointly develop a plan with the business to prioritise the development of the business website and its’ internet journey.